For those who are passionate about baseball and helping the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow, your help can truly change lives. You can start making a difference today.




1. Donation: Any donation is welcome so click on our donate button to help. Your
money will go directly to maintain the Field for future generations and to help
improve our facility for even more enjoyment. For those who donate over $100
to the Field of Dreams, your name will be placed on our wall of honor page.
Please contact 563-875-8404 if you would like to donate. 

2. Corporate Sponsorship: If your brand and our brand can help lift each other,
corporate sponsorship are available. They include naming rights for buildings
and soon-to-be-built tournament fields. Donations can include physical
infrastructure as well as cash donations. If you feel your brand may qualify, and
you wish to be associated with our iconic facility, please contact us at 563-875-
to schedule a meeting

3. Personal Sponsorship: If you would like your name to live on, or you want to
memorialize that someone special, we have numerous opportunities starting at
$100,000. Name that new field or building after that someone special. Contact
us today for more information. 563-875-8404

4. Business Partnership:  We are growing though partnerships including
Baseballism and Baseball Factory with whom we have partnered. If you have a
brand that would like to have a presence at the Field of Dreams call us to make
an appointment to speak with our CEO. Call 563-875-8404 to schedule an
initial discussion.

5. Investors: Those seeking to make a difference in the lives of others, especially
young boys and girls, may want to consider becoming an investor in the Field of
Dreams. With our current growth, accredited investors can earn an above
market rate of return. Investments start at $50,000. Call  563-875-8404